What We Work On

Our members' work ranges from on the ground development and conservation projects, to investigative and other research, to advocacy, campaigning, and litigation.

Whilst each member organisation has its own activities, and areas of expertise and engagement, the focus in coming together in this Coalition is on UK Government policies, funding, programmes, and actions.

We are working together, alongside others including civil society organisations, Governments, and the private sector, to push for strong policies, actions, and funding, which address the problems; and to find sustainable and just solutions.

The United Kingdom has long been a world leader in the fight against the destruction of forests and biodiversity loss, the promotion of sustainable and legal trade in forest products, and the securing of jobs and tenure for local people to uphold their rights and reduce poverty.

The national and global importance of maintaining this leadership role has never been greater.



Have a look at our Briefing "Britain and the World’s Forests: why we need to continue our leadership"

WWF-RSPB Report 'Risky Business' shows that the UK uses an overseas area more than half its size to supply our annual demand for just seven agricultural products including palm oil, soy and cocoa - with much of it coming from countries with high social and deforestation risks.

Putting Down Roots: Watch and share this film from Fern, which shows how community-led initiatives to stop deforestation and restore forests, are preventing emissions, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and transforming lives.

Closing the Gap: Check out Forest Peoples Programme's new report and web portal for rights-based approaches and community solutions to tackling deforestation and ensuring supply chain accountability. 

Harnessing the power of global supply chains to halt deforestation driven by soy - a new briefing by Global Canopy Programme and CDP, explores the opportunities to improve soy production practices in Brazil's Cerrado to reduce deforestation and safeguard its remaining vegetation.

Forestlink: real-time community-based forest monitoring. Watch this to learn about how it is helping to protect rainforests

An introduction to LULUCF: get to know the basics about Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry in international climate change agreements and talks